Apple distances itself from Satanists

Apple Computer, which gained fame with its "think different" ad campaign, has told the Church of Satan it does not want to be associated with it.

SINGAPORE--Apple, which adopted a "think different" ad campaign has decided to walk a separate path from the Church of Satan.

The Church of Satan had used the logo on its Web site to adorn a picture of founder Anton Szandor LaVey. It also put the "Made with Macintosh" Web badge. However, both have been removed at the request of Apple.

"I guess Apple didn't like the idea that somebody called the Church of Satan's support was a good thing," Webmaster Peter Gilmore told Reuters. "It's really discrimination."

Apple declined to elaborate on the matter, but on the group's Web site, Gilmore who also serves as "high priest", said that the company's lawyers sent the group a letter saying Apple reserved the right to stop use of its trademarks on Web pages as their use was "likely to tarnish the goodwill associated with the APPLE Marks".

The group cannot afford a court battle with Apple, but Gilmore sniped that Apple's letter "diminishes my respect for a company which has previously held my esteem as one of the true forces for free-thought and innovation currently active in today’s marketplace of ideas and technology".

Gilmore wrote on the site that the Macintosh was the computer of choice for LaVey, who "exclusively used Apple Computers" until his death in 1997. Indeed, Gilmore wrote that LaVey's followers were influenced to use Apple Computers as well. "Thus, Anton Szandor LaVey has helped Apple to make hundreds of sales of their equipment to our worldwide membership."