​Apple drops appointment-only system for trying out Apple Watch

Apple has streamlined the sales process for trying and buying an Apple Watch.

It's now easier for consumers to try on the Apple Watch: Apple stores now no longer require individuals to book an appointment to test drive the device.

The change for Apple Stores in the US began this week, according to 9to5 Mac, and means consumers now don't have to book ahead either online or at a store to test out the Watch, and don't need to provide their name and Apple ID to Apple staff when they arrive.

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Ultimately this means a speedier process for consumers who do want to try on the Watch and an easier time for passersby who want to walk into a store and try out one on a whim.

Apple has had the appointments system in place since it began selling the device through its physical stores this April, likely to help its staff and buyers cope with the variety of models, bands, and various other accessories, as well as experiencing the device's features and functionality. The only possible exception to the appointment system was for consumers who were interested in the $10,000 Apple Watch Edition.

ZDNet has asked Apple whether it has also dropped the appointment-only outside of the US and will update the story if it receives a response.

While it will be possible for consumers to walk in and try an Apple Watch without giving the company their details, those who are keen on a particular model can leave their details and preferences with Apple staff, which are saved to their Apple online store wish list.

Given Apple is making it simpler to buy an Apple Watch, it might suggest the company has now calibrated supply with demand.

The other evidence that Apple is relaxing its control over the Apple Watch sales process came this month when Apple began selling Watches through Best Buy . The retailer stocks most models except for the Edition Watch.

Apple hasn't revealed how many of the devices it's sold so far, leading some to speculate the device is an absolute winner and others that it's a flop. Analysts' estimates of second quarter sales of the Watch have ranged from around three million up to six million. Whatever the figure, Apple CEO Time Cook has said that sales of the Apple Watch got off to a "great start".

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