Apple has developed 'iGlass' since 2006

With Google Glass available to developers, how would Apple iGlasses, arriving late to the party, fare?

According to one of the company's former executives, Apple has been working on a product comparative to Google Glass since 2006.

The iPad and iPhone maker worked on the project for over half a decade, but according to Tony Fadell, the ex-head of Apple's iPod division, the popularity of the company's smartphones and iPod music system placed the glasses on the back-burner.

Fadell says the concept was the "craziest thing" he worked on during his time at Apple, and claims to have made "a bunch of prototypes" before Google jumped the gun and released their own wearable technology headset, Google Glass, to developers earlier this year.

In an interview, Fadell said the prototypes were "something like Google Glass," and the basic idea was to create a headset with a built-in screen to make you feel "like you're sitting in a theater." However, the idea was dropped once the Cupertino, Calif.-based firm's mobile devices took the market by storm. Fadell said:

"We had such success with the things we were already doing that we didn't have time to do anything else."

If Apple has decided to go ahead with these plans now wearable technology has entered the consumer market, then the device may focus on entertainment -- which is a marked difference from Google's product, which focuses on functions including emails, apps, and taking photos.

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