Apple iMac refresh roundup

Coverage of the Apple iMac refresh fell into two camps.The first consists of the usual specs and prices.

Apple iMac refresh roundup

Coverage of the Apple iMac refresh fell into two camps.

The first consists of the usual specs and prices. This was a speed bump--the design of the aluminum all-in-one is unchanged--with faster Core 2 Duo processors, larger L2 cache, more memory, a faster system bus, and new graphics. Since the prices remained essentially unchanged (the high-end version is a bit cheaper), the new models are good news for those thinking of buying a new Mac.

The second, and more interesting, meme involved speculation on the 3.06GHz processor in the high-end model. As with previous product launches, Apple skipped the off-the-shelf chips. Because of the processor's unusual specs, some sites assumed Apple had an early crack at a Centrino 2--better-known by the code-name of the new platform, Montevina--which should launch in early June. Intel now says the iMac uses an over-clocked Penryn part (the current generation), which would explain the TDP, or Thermal Design Envelope, of 55 watts--higher than typical Intel mobile processors. The iMac all-in-one uses a laptop processor because of its compact case.

In the first quarter, Apple sold 2.3 million Macs worldwide (856,000 of those were desktops), an annual growth rate of 51%, according to Garter. By comparison, total worldwide PC shipments grew 12.3% on-year to 71.1 million units.

I'll post links to reviews as soon as they are published, but in the meantime here is a roundup of the coverage in the past 24 hours.

Straight-up coverage:

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It's a Montevina! Never mind, it's an over-clocked Penryn:

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