Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program now includes mail-in option

Ahead of Apple's big event: iPhone Upgrade Program participants can now mail-in their current iPhone with a prepaid shipping label, instead of visiting an Apple Store.

Apple iPhone 7 (CNET/CBS Interactive)

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Apple on Monday added a mail-in option to its iPhone Upgrade Program, a day ahead of the company's big iPhone event in Cupertino.

Customers in the iPhone Upgrade Program will no longer need to go to an Apple Store appointment to upgrade their handset (via MacRumors). Apple will send them a Trade-in Kit with a prepaid shipping label to send a current iPhone back. The mail-in kit can be expected after a customer's new handset ships.

The iPhone Upgrade Program is useful for customers who want the new iPhone released each year. It includes the Apple protection plan and convenient upgrade options.

Apple first launched the iPhone Upgrade Program with the iPhone 6s in 2015. Apple expects devices sent through the program power on, are free of cracks, and have a working display.

In order to upgrade, you're required to have made 12 months of payments on your current device. For more information on trading-in your iPhone, we've explained how and where.

Apple is holding an event on Tuesday where it's expected to introduce the iPhone X, two other new iPhone models, an updated Apple TV with 4K, and more.