Apple iPad Pro already gets first third-party keyboard

The keynote stage had barely gone dark when Logitech announced a keyboard for the iPad Pro.


The new iPad has been shown in all its glory, along with Apple's keyboard cover for the iPad Pro. The thought is a keyboard will make the large iPad a good fit for the enterprise. Apple's pricey keyboard ($169) features keys covered in fabric, similar to the original Surface Touch Cover from Microsoft.

Some buyers didn't like that style of keyboard and iPad Pro customers may feel the same way. but that's OK as third-party keyboards for the new iPad are already starting to appear.

Logitech has announced the CREATE, a keyboard similar to other models for the iPad Air 2. It takes advantage of the iPad Pro's new connector that attaches to the keyboard magnetically and eliminates the need for Bluetooth and battery power on the keyboard side.

"Logitech is the world leader in iPad keyboards, and we're introducing the Logitech CREATE Keyboard Case - developed together with Apple - to enhance and perfectly complement the iPad Pro," said Michele Hermann, vice president of mobility at Logitech. "With a full-size keyboard designed to work with iOS 9, the Logitech CREATE will help make the iPad Pro a creativity and productivity powerhouse. Even the color and finish of the keyboard are meticulously crafted to feel and look like the other half of your iPad Pro."

The company has only shared one teaser image of the CREATE so we'll have to wait until closer to availability to get a better look. The image shows regular style keys, although the press release states the CREATE features a fabric cover. This may be in reference to the outside of the case.