iPad Pro: Apple's unicorn remains shrouded in mystery

The iPad Pro has been waiting in the wings for some time now -- if it's even real.

In the heritage of the Mac Pro, MacBook Pro and even a myriad of iPads in multiple form factors, the iPad Pro has been anticipated for some time now.

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If you were looking for news about the rumored tablet amid the Apple Watch extravaganza today, you can stop now.

That's because it was left out -- if such a device even exists.

As predicted, Apple's "Spring Forward" invite-only media event put the upcoming Apple Watch in center stage.

The fashion-meets-tech timepiece, ranging from $349 to a whopping $10,000 in price, was preceded by Apple's complete overhaul of the MacBook as well as several software developments ranging from ResearchKit to a three-month exclusive deal with HBO on Apple TV.

The development -- or lack thereof -- out of the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco on Monday morning regarding the iPad Pro will certainly leave some iPad users wanting and waiting.

Given Apple's greater push into the enterprise last year amid a deal with IBM coupled by countless surveys highlighting iOS devices fostering the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) trend, the demand for an iPad Pro is palpable.

All Apple has to do is follow up on it with a device that answers IT demands as well as promises higher levels of performance and security (not to mention warrants what will likely be a higher price tag.)