Apple iPhone 4 FaceTime: a first look

Apple has included FaceTime video-conferencing software with its new iPhone 4 to accompany the smartphone's forward-facing camera, though it may not be what the fanboys wanted

Apple has announced its iPhone 4, the latest version of its smartphone, which finally includes a forward-facing camera and FaceTime video-conferencing software, though it may not be what the fanboys wanted.

Apple aficionados had hoped for the iPhone 4's software compatible with the iChat app on OSX so they could video call other Mac users, but instead FaceTime will only communicate with other iPhone 4 users. In some circles of friends this may work out fine, but for the most part this will halt most iPhone users from finding that many people to chat with.

The other significant requirement is that the iPhone will need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network to use FaceTime, making it a less than ideal mobile solution.

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