Apple iPhone 4S embargo lifts, reviews go live

Apple's iPhone 4S will arrive on Friday, but the review embargo just lifted and many sites have live reviews and first impressions for you to enjoy.

It looks like Apple is opening up the review allocations for iPhones to more than just Walt Mossberg and David Pogue this year, but us ZDNet bloggers still have to wait like the rest of the common folk. The embargo apparently lifted on these reviews tonight and you can find a number of reviews of the iPhone 4S. James Kendrick and I have Verizon models, Joel Evans has an AT&T one, coming on Friday and I am sure other ZDNet folks will be picking them up too so we will have articles appearing this weekend and next week.

While you wait to read our coverage, or pick up your own Apple iPhone 4S, check out some of these online reviews:

The reviews confirm my decision to purchase the new iPhone 4S and I am very excited to get my hands on mine. I already ordered an orange case for it and am ready to spend the weekend with it.

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