Apple iPhone 5C sentiment improves among 'more normal people'

Forget the techie initial disappointment with Apple's iPhone 5C. Real people like color and will buy the device accordingly.

Sentiment surrounding Apple's iPhone 5C launch has been improving as tech-heads get out of the way and consumers start to flock to the more colorful device, according to an analyst.

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster said that the iPhone 5S orders are likely to track like the iPhone 5 launch did. The iPhone 5C, basically an iPhone 5 with colorful backing, is expected to have about 1 million preorders. Munster is basing his sentiment take on Twitter analysis.

Why the shift? Tech reviewers and Apple followers who were disappointed by the device, but real people like the color. The money quote from Munster goes like this:

We believe people who followed tech closely and were interested in the announcement panned the 5C since it had minimal changes from the 5, but as more normal people became involved in the conversation, it appears that color matters to consumers and the 5C could be more popular among the total consumer base than some may have expected.

Once I stopped chuckling with the "more normal people" remark, which is pretty accurate given the tech echo chamber, Munster may have a point. Early reviews from the tech world may not represent future returns. Here's a look at Munster's Twitter sentiment analysis: