Apple iPhone 6s 3D Touch: Apps that work and functions provided (screenshot gallery)

Apple added the ability to press deeper on an app icon to enable different functions. This 3D Touch is enabled on many native apps and some 3rd party apps, as shown in our screenshot gallery.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

One of the new features in the Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is 3D Touch. This innovative technology enhances the user experience, but also requires that developers add the functionality to their apps.

My new iPhone 6s Plus arrived yesterday morning and I went through and performed the 3D Touch action, press down firmly on an app icon, on all 150 or so icons I have on my iPhone. I also performed the action in other areas since 3D Touch provides functions within apps too.

Of these apps, I found 25 that currently support 3D Touch. They are shown in screenshots in the accompanying gallery.

21 of the 25 apps that currently support 3D Touch on my iPhone are obviously native Apple apps since Apple has had time to implement the functionality. Some 3rd party apps were quick to provide support, including Twitter, Shazam, Open Table, and Instagram. We will likely see updates coming for other apps shortly.

Here's what results you can expect to see when you use 3D Touch on an app icon. The Quick Action menu appears with up to four places for actions to be shown by the developer:

  • Camera: Take a selfie, record video, record slo-mo, or take a photo
  • Apple Maps: Search nearby, send my location, mark my location, directions home
  • Notes: New Note, new photo, new search
  • Shazam: Shazam now, start auto Shazam, visual Shazam
  • Instagram: New post, view activity, search, direct
  • Twitter: Search, new Tweet, new message
  • Messages: New message and quick access to recent conversations
  • Safari: Show reading list, show bookmarks, new private tab, new tab
  • Photos: Most recent, favorites, search

3D Touch is also used to turn your onscreen keyboard into a mouse trackpad. While editing text and using the keyboard, 3D Touch on the keyboard and it will change to a blank trackpad. Do not lift your finger after pressing in, but slide it around to control the cursor with fine accuracy.

Apple iPhone 6s 3D Touch screenshot gallery

You can also use 3D Touch in the Photos app to view the Live Photos moment you captured. Within the email and messages apps you can use 3D Touch on an email or message in the list to see "inside" it without opening the email or message up all the way.

This preview functionality is present in other apps too so try it yourself to find where else the enhancement is enabled. Pressing in on a contact will let you quickly call, message, or email them.

I continue to discover new ways to use 3D Touch by pressing in all over the iPhone 6s Plus. Keep in mind you can also swipe within a Quick Action.

3D Touch is an interesting new way to use your iPhone and it is already changing which icons I have on my home screens and where I place them for easy access to the additional functionality.

Which apps do you want to see enable 3D Touch and what menu do you want to see appear?

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