Spec check: New iPhone 6s, 6s Plus have 2 GB of RAM, iPad Pro uses 4 GB

The latest iPhones are the first from Apple with 2 GB of memory. Perhaps they'll see some limited implementation of the multi-app experience found on the iPad Pro with iOS 9.

After Adobe inadvertently leaked the amount of memory in the Apple iPad Pro last week, confirmation appeared this weekend along with RAM specifications for the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus phones.

Both handsets will run on 2 GB of memory according to clues in Apple's Xcode development environment. Hamza Sood tweeted out his findings Sunday using a clever way to confirm the internal memory for the handsets.


The 2 GB of RAM in the handsets is a first for Apple; previously, only the iPad Air 2 had that amount of memory.

Apple's iPad Pro does indeed come with 4 GB of RAM, Sood found, confirming the information that Adobe published and later pulled from a press release last week.

What's the importance of the additional memory in the newest Apple products? It will allow for less reloading of browser tabs for one thing, as more web pages can reside in memory while still allowing enough space for apps to run.

And speaking of apps, the iPad Pro can run two of them side-by-side on the large, 12.9-inch display, requiring more preciously memory to be used at once.

The fact that the iPad Air 2 has 2 GB of memory while its predecessor doesn't is a very likely reason the latter tablet only supports the multi-tasking of native Apple apps in a small slide-out panel and not the full split-screen experience.

While iOS 9 might run fine with the full split-screen features on the 1.5 GB of memory in the iPad Air, Apple likely wants to guarantee a smoother experience that comes with a little more RAM.

With 2 GB of memory in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, might Apple trickle down some of these multi-app features from iPads to iPhones?

I wouldn't be surprised if the 6s Plus eventually sees a limited implementation where its larger 5.5-inch display would come in handy.