This iOS app could bring indoor location services in Apple Maps

The Indoor Survey app briefly appeared in the App Store but has disappeared. That's because it's not for consumers; it's for businesses to map out the inside of their brick-and-mortar locations.


This weekend, an iOS app to survey indoor locations appeared briefly in the iTunes App Store and later disappeared. Developer Steve Stroughton-Smith spotted the Indoor Survey app, which is no longer available for download.

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Upon first glance, it looked like Indoor Survey was something an iPhone owner could download and get indoor mapping data while out and about, but that's not what the software is for, notes 9to5 Mac.

Instead, Indoor Survey is actually for business owners to map out their brick-and-mortar locations so that the data can be integrated with Apple Maps.

The software lets business owners drop pins to help identify different aisles or product areas in their store; information that could be used with Apple Maps in the future. Indoor Survey combines radio frequency data with the sensors in an iPhone to manage location information.

Apple previously debuted its Apple Maps Connect service, which you see details of here.

It appears that information from the Indoor Survey links to Apple Maps through the service but not every business can use it based on these business requirements:

  • Be accessible to the general public.
  • Have annual visitors in excess of 1 million.
  • Have complete reference maps available.
  • Have enabled Wi-Fi throughout.
  • Have an associated app authorized by the facility owner.

Eventually, it's likely that Apple will use the data from companies using Indoor Survey to include detailed indoor maps. For now, however, you'll just see nearby businesses on Apple Maps, not what's inside them and where it can be found.