Apple mini-stores officially coming to select Target locations

Following up on its deal with Best Buy, Apple plans to offer special 'mini-stores' at a limited number of Target locations.

Confirming rumors that emerged last week, Target told Reuters today that it is working with Apple to furnish some of its locations with mini Apple Stores.

Apple already has a similar deal with Best Buy, though it's unknown how much Target's displays will deviate from Best Buy's own. Also unknown are which devices Apple plans to feature most prominently at the locations,

The boutiques won't reach all of Target's stores, or even a very large percentage of them. Out of Target's 1,760 U.S. locations, only 25 will see the installations, at least initially. Target isn't saying just yet which of its stores these 25 will be, but its certain they will be in smaller areas not served by Apple Stores.

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