Apple (mostly) kills off the white Macbook

With the most recent updates to its product line, Apple is killing off an old favorite: the 13-inch white Macbook.

In spite of all the excitement surrounding the newest round of upgrades to Apple's product line, it's easy to lose sight of the fact that one product isn't joining in on the fun: the white MacBook.

Apple is quietly discontinuing the line of of computers, which began back in 1999 as the iBook. As of Wednesday, the product has disappeared from the Apple Store, and Apple itself has confirmed that the model is no longer available. For most people. Education institutions can apparently still get their hands on the models - at least until Apple's store of them runs out.

Of course, with the appearance of the MacBook Air, it was sort of hard to justify selling the plain old MacBook anymore anyway. Not only was the model nearly the same price ($999) as the Air, but it's performance was left much to be desired in comparison.

Your current options? The 11-inch $999 Macbook Air or its larger, $1,299 13-inch sibling. Or maybe the MacBook Pro.

In the wake of the white MacBook's demise Apple is clearly aiming to push entry-level customers (or students, certainly) to the cheaper MacBook Air model. Is the move to kill the MacBook something that people, especially current MacBook owners, are happy about?