Apple Music arrives on Sonos speakers in beta form December 15

After promising Apple Music on Sonos connected speakers by year end, Apple is delivering: Next month a beta begins to stream Apple's tunes on Sonos devices around the home.

What's the best way to gain subscribers to a streaming music service?

Competitive pricing, family plans and a wide selection of tracks are key but so too is broader support for devices. And that's what Apple is doing on December 15.

That day, Apple is making good on its June promise to bring Apple Music to the Sonos line of connected home speakers, notes 9to5 Mac and confirmed by the Sonos website.

Apple Music will arrive on Sonos as a beta. Those interested can sign up for the beta in their Sonos mobile app by following these steps:

  1. Open the Sonos app
  2. Tap "Settings" then "Advanced Settings"
  3. Tap "Beta Program"
  4. Tap "Join the Beta Program"

The move follows a prior Apple effort to get Apple Music on Android phones and tablets; something the company delivered on earlier in November. Coincidentally, Beats Music - which essentially became Apple Music after being bought by Apple - is shutting down today. Beats Music was supported by Sonos since January of 2014.

Sonos has long been a popular music streaming device comprised of wireless speakers in various sizes and add-on sub-woofers. The idea is to add connected speakers to different rooms of your house and centrally control the music from various streaming sources.

At last check, Apple boasted 6.5 million paying Apple Music subscribers and while some them may have been Sonos system owners, none of them could actually play Apple Music wirelessly on their Sonos speaker systems.

Sonos does work with wired devices, so if you wanted to play Apple Music on a Sonos, you could do so through a wired connection. That configuration doesn't support multi-room playback, however.