Apple on job creation in Europe, the future of the 'app economy'

The iPad and iPhone maker says it has contributed to the creation of over 600,000 jobs in Europe, and the App Store is an element more important than you may think.

Credit: Apple

Apple says it has created or contributed to 629,000 jobs across Europe, and over 500,000 of these roles represent the booming 'app economy.'

The tech giant released a plethora of new statistics on Wednesday, and says that out of 629,000 new jobs at Apple and at developers and businesses "supported" by the company, the App Store is responsible for hundreds of thousands of jobs which previously did not exist in the European economy.

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Apple says that the App Store has created an entirely new industry -- iOS app design and development -- and over 1.2 million apps are currently hosted by the store. In addition, over 75 billion app downloads have taken place since the launch of the App Store. According to the iPad and iPhone maker, $20 billion is earned by developers through App Store sales each year across the globe. In total, $6.5 billion is earned by European developers.

Apple says there are 280,500 members of the company's paid developer program across Europe, including 30,000 in France, 20,900 in Italy and 61,100 in the United Kingdom.

The firm estimates that the overall "app economy" will contribute $86 billion to worldwide GDP this year, and $16.5 billion of this amount will be enjoyed by European countries.

Apple accounts for 16,000 European staff directly -- ranging from sales and supply chain management to manufacturing -- and 6,000 in total focus on AppleCare customer service. In total, 19 European countries host Apple staff.

The company also estimates that over 20,000 iOS-related development jobs are available within the region.