Zhengzhou residents can now buy iPhones, as well as make them

Henan province not only manufactures and ships tons of new iPhones, but it has also become Apple's first pick in the heart of China to sell them.

Apple has opened a store in Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan province in central China, where Taiwanese company Foxconn has its mega factory and ships out 70 percent of the total iPhone global production every year.

As reported by chinenews.com, the new Apple store attracted hundreds of fans to queue up for the 10am local time opening on Saturday, some of whom had even travelled from other provinces by trains and waited at the gate overnight.

"'[The Zhengzhou store] is an important addition on the mainland," said Denny Tuza, Apple's senior retail director for greater China. "In accordance with international standards, we will provide free services such as setup for individuals, technical support at the genius bar, and daily lectures."

The store, which is located at one of the high-end shopping malls in Zhengzhou, is the 13th on the Chinese mainland directly run by Apple, and the first in the the heart of China.

According to another report published by local newspaper Henan Daily, more than 50 phone makers and their suppliers are located in the new economic zone in Zhengzhou.

As of the end of last November, Foxconn and its counterparts had made a total of 105 million phones, more than tripling the number produced in 2011, the year when the Taiwanese company first set foot in the central Chinese city. Zhengzhou was reported to have shipped out 93 tons of iPhone 6 devices to the US in September last year.

The local government expects to have another 50 companies reside in Zhengzhou this year, while Foxconn boosts its annual mobile phone production to 150 million units.

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