Apple patent shows plans for iPad smart bezel

Patent reveals a bezel with sensors that could trigger certain actions on a device; a separate patent shows a longer-life battery.

The iPad 2 and iPhone 5 haven't even been announced yet, but there is already some intriguing information about the technology that could be in future versions of Apple's iOS devices. Two separate patent filings uncovered last week reveal Apple's work on a smart bezel that could be used for tablets, and on denser lithium batteries that will go longer between charges.

Patently Apple has full details on the first of those. The basic idea is for the bezel of a device to include sensors, allowing you to touch, tap, hold and even squeeze it to trigger certain actions on the device.

The patent has images showing how this would work on an iPad-shaped tablet device, with an example given of swiping up the bezel to turn up the volume, and swiping down to turn it down. The filing also suggests that you might double-tap the bezel to wake the device up from a sleeping state: in other words, doing away with the current Home button.

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