And then there were four: Discover cards come to Apple Pay

Discover is following in the footsteps of its credit card issuing peers by supporting Apple's digital payment service. You'll have to wait until the fall though.

The third largest credit card brand in the U.S. has agreed to support Apple Pay: Discover announced on Monday that its card members will be able to use Apple's mobile payment system on iPhones, iPads and the new Apple Watch.

You'll still have to wait a bit if you have a Discover Card and supported iOS device however; Discover says the Apple Pay support begins in the fall, as noted by iMore.

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Ironically, Discover cards initially worked with Google Wallet, a similar NFC-enabled method to pay for goods using Android phones, when Google launched its product in 2012. So it's a bit surprising that Discover didn't join American Express, MasterCard and Visa with Apple Pay when Apple launched it last year.

Perhaps the company was taking a measured "wait and see" approach to determine if Apple Pay would catch on with consumers between September and now.

Since it launched, Apple's digital payment service has quickly grown in locations with more than 700,000 places accepting Apple Pay as of last month.

Apple may want to -- but probably won't -- thank the credit card companies and Google's earlier Wallet efforts for the infrastructure needed for NFC payments.

Many of the current point of sale terminals needed for Apple Pay were already in place because of Google and some of the credit card companies themselves. Before Apple Pay launched for example, there were already 320,000 locations accepting contactless credit card payments through the MasterCard PayPass system.