Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro now shipping

Apple's first keyboard for an iPad and the new Pencil was backordered when the iPad Pro was released and are now shipping to buyers.


The Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil are designed to leverage the special features of the iPad Pro. Buyers of the tablet, myself included, were surprised that the accessories were not available with the iPad Pro from day one. Apple never stated why the accessories were not shipping, although rumors indicated the company was fixing technical problems with the keyboard.

After a few weeks Apple is now shipping the Smart Keyboard to buyers. This information is based on the shipping notice I received yesterday from Apple, and statements from other buyers. The estimated delivery date is the Monday after Thanksgiving. I am anxious to try Apple's keyboard to see how it compares to the Logi CREATE Keyboard Case I reviewed and found to be a good mate for the iPad Pro.


Buyers of the Apple Pencil are reporting they are getting charged for the purchase meaning shipping is imminent for that, too.

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