Apple preps new iPad and iPhone for NFC chip tech

The company is readying the latest versions of its tablet device and smartphone to include near-field communications chips to improve mobile payment services

Apple is prepping its next iterations of iPhones and iPads to come equipped with near-field communication technology as it explores new payment modes for consumers and open up new advertising revenue streams to augment its iAd initiative, according to a report.

Bloomberg reported on Wednesday that the company is planning to make available services for customers to pay for purchases using its next-generation smartphone and tablets devices once the devices are equipped with near-field communications (NFC) chips.

Richard Doherty, director of technology consulting firm Envisioneering Group, citing engineers working on hardware for Apple, told Bloomberg that NFC chips are to be embedded in the next iteration of iPhone devices for US-based carrier AT&T, as well as the iPad 2. Both products are likely to be introduced this year, he added.

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