Apple pulls buggy Safari update

Security update for Safari browser on Mac OS X removed from distribution after causing problems. No word from Apple yet on disposition.

User support discussions, though no official communications from Apple, indicate that the company has removed a recent update to the Safari web browser from its download and update sites.

The update, initially released on December 3, addressed security problems and updated Safari to versions 8.0.1, 7.1.1 and 6.2.1. There were a total of thirteen vulnerabilities, many of which were serious, but none unusual. Most of the vulnerabilities were credited internally to Apple.

Not long after its release, users complained that the update was causing problems. Specifically, the update said it had completed, but it hadn't, and in fact Safari had been removed from the system. Users report that Apple tells them to reinstall OS X In order to recover Safari:

user T008 on Apple Support Communities

Other users point to a MacRumors thread where direct links exist to the install packages on Apple's CDN. In fact, as of Friday morning these links still work. Many users report that Safari works well after installation from the packages, but there is, of course, no official recommendation with respect to them, and presumably Apple removed the main links for a reason.

As this is written, the update is not available in the Apple Downloads page or in Software Updates or the Mac App Store.

We have contacted Apple for comment and will update this story with any information the company provides.