Apple pulls Samsung 'apology' statement from UK site - but where's the replacement?

The company has removed a court-baiting statement about Samsung copying the iPad from its website, after the court told it to. However, it is yet to put up the correct statement that the court wants.

Apple has removed its court-baiting Samsung statement from its UK website, after being ordered by a judge to try again.

Apple apology
Apple has removed its 'apology' to Samsung from its website. Image: CNET UK

The company was originally ordered in July to publicly state on its website that Samsung's tablets did not copy the iPad. After failing to reverse the decision on appeal, Apple put up a statement in late October that paid lip service to the ruling but still insisted Samsung was copying it .

Unsurprisingly, the court ordered Apple on Thursday to stop breaching its order, remove the incorrect statement and put up a compliant one — this time on the front page of its UK site, rather than on another page linked to from that front page.

The non-compliant statement came down from the website on Friday morning, although it has not as yet been replaced with a proper statement.

However, Apple has published a dry but court-friendly statement in UK newspapers.

"Apple tried to argue that they followed the letter of the law in the original notice… but there is something called the spirit of the law too, and if you follow one and thumb your nose at the other, things can go wrong, because people notice," patent expert Pamela Jones noted on her Groklaw blog.

"Judges are not stupid. Not that I believe what Apple did obeyed the letter of the law either. Nor did the judge in the UK," Jones added. "It's never all right to show disrespect to a court of law, and lawyers above all others should take the lead in demonstrating that respect."