Apple Q4 '13 hardware sales

Overall, Q4 '13 was the fifth best quarter for the iPhone, the sixth best for the iPad, and the fourth best for the Macs.

Apple's Q4 2013 earnings are out, and the data provided gives us an insight into how well the company performed over the last quarter relative to historical data.

Let's begin with Apple's flagship product, the iPhone.

Apple sold a total of 33.8 million iPhones, a record for a September quarter, and an increase on the same quarter a year ago, where Apple only sold 26.9 million. Overall, this is the fifth best quarter for the iPhone.

The iPhone pulled in revenues of over $19.5 billion for Apple over the quarter. Cumulatively, this takes the number of iPhones sold to over 421 million since the product was launched in 2007.

As expected, and as is normal practice, Apple did not break down sales data for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

iPhone sales data
(Data: Apple; Chart: ZDNet)

Moving to the iPad, Apple sold 14.1 million units, up a fraction on the same quarter a year ago, when the company sold 14 million. Revenues were $6.2 billion for the quarter. These figures put this quarter at number six for sales.

iPad sales data
(Data: Apple; Chart: ZDNet)

While looking at these numbers, it is important to bear in mind not only that both the iPhone and iPad were scheduled for a refresh, but also that this is a quarter preceding the holidays, which is historically the best quarter for Apple.

On the Mac front, it seems that sales have slid, down 4.6 million, compared to 4.9 million in the quarter a year ago. However, this quarter is still up there as the fourth best for the Macs. The Mac still earned Apple revenues of $5.6 billion for the quarter.

Mac sales data
(Data: Apple; Chart: ZDNet)

The iPod continues to slide into obscurity, selling only 3.5 million devices over the quarter, down from 4.6 million for the quarter a year ago. This is the lowest sales for the iPod since Q2 2004.

iPod sales data
(Data: Apple; Chart: ZDNet)

Overall, gross margins were 37 percent, compared to 40 percent in the quarter a year ago. International sales accounted for 60 percent of the quarter's revenue.

Cumulative sales data (AAPL)
(Data: Apple; Chart: ZDNet)
Quarterly sales (AAPL)
(Data: Apple; Chart: ZDNet)

"We're pleased to report a strong finish to an amazing year, with record fourth-quarter revenue, including sales of almost 34 million iPhones," said Tim Cook, Apple's CEO. "We're excited to go into the holidays with our new iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, iOS 7, the new iPad mini with Retina display, and the incredibly thin and light iPad Air, new MacBook Pros, the radical new Mac Pro, OS X Mavericks and the next-generation iWork and iLife apps for OS X and iOS."

"We generated $9.9 billion in cash flow from operations and returned an additional $7.8 billion in cash to shareholders through dividends and share repurchases during the September quarter, bringing cumulative payments under our capital return program to $36 billion," said Peter Oppenheimer, Apple's CFO.