Apple refreshes Mac lineup... in installments

Those waiting for a MacBook Air with Retina Display will have to wait a little longer. The iMac, however, was updated with a Retina 5K display.


Apple on Thursday outlined new Macs including the launch of Yosemite OS X. The catch is that Apple's Mac updates didn't include the ever popular MacBook Air and MacBook Pro lines.

Instead, Apple gave the faithful a 27-inch iMac to complement a 21.5-inch version. Apple also added a Mac mini for good measure.

Macs are less than 15 percent of Apple's business, but still a sizeable unit. In the enterprise, Macs — especially laptops — are becoming a staple among creative pros and others.

A slide in CEO Tim Cook's presentation at Apple's iPad event illustrated how the Mac launches were a work in progress. The latest OS X, iOS 8 updates, iPad and even Apple Watch eclipsed the Mac content.

Overall, the event featured Yosemite OS X and Apple is betting that the coordination and continuity between the Mac and iOS 8 devices will give it some growth in laptops and desktops.


The Yosemite updates are free. Some features include:

  • The ability to hand off content and tasks from one Apple device to another. 

  • An instant hotspot that allows the Mac to use connectivity with the iPhone. 

  • iCloud synchronization.

Apple's marketing VP Phil Schiller introduced the latest iMac with a 5K Retina Display. It ships starting today, at $2,499. Older non-5K versions will still be available. 

The new iMac was also updated with fourth generation Intel Core processors, Intel Iris and HD graphics 5000, 802.11 ac Wi-Fi, and two Thunderbolt 2 ports. iMac with Retina 5K display comes standard with 8GB of memory and a 1TB Fusion Drive for the first time.

As for the Mac mini, new features include fourth generation Intel Core processors, integrated graphics that Apple claimes are up to 90 percent faster, 802.11ac Wi-Fi and a Thunderbolt 2 port. Starting price is $499. 

The MacBook that everyone wanted was a MacBook Air with a Retina Display. Maybe next time.