Apple releases iOS 15.1 with FaceTime SharePlay, ProRes video for iPhone 13 Pro

The latest software update for your iPhone and iPad is here.
Written by Jason Cipriani, Contributing Writer

The iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro. 

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iOS 15.1 is here. 

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Apple released iOS 15.1 and iPadOS 15.1 on Monday, marking the company's first major update since the release of iOS 15 in September. Previous updates to iOS 15 included bug and security fixes. 

The release of iOS 15.1 comes alongside the release of macOS Monterey, the latest operating system for Apple's Mac lineup. 

There are only a handful of new features in iOS 15.1 and iPadOS 15.1, but what did make the cut is intriguing. 

For example, Apple is launching FaceTime's SharePlay feature. You can now use FaceTime to remotely watch the same show with someone in apps like Apple TV, or crank up a new album to listen to together on Apple Music. You can also share your screen to help a loved one troubleshoot their device, and listen to it together. 

Another feature making its debut in Monday's update is ProRes video for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. This is the first time any of Apple's mobile devices have been able to not only record in the company's ProRes codec, but also edit the video using apps like iMovie

iOS 15.1 and iPadOS 15.1 are, of course, free updates available to all compatible devices. You can download and install the update by opening the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and going to General > Software Update and following the prompts. (If you're not immediately seeing the update, try again in a few minutes.) 

It's always a good idea to back up your phone or tablet before installing any major software update such as iOS 15.1 or iPadOS 15.1 just in case. 

After you install iOS 15.1, give SharePlay a try and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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