Apple reports violations at supplier facilities

The company's report has details of major violations, including underage and involuntary labour, falsified records and worker endagerment at its suppliers' facilities

Apple said in a report that major violations at its suppliers doubled in 2010, which included underage and involuntary labour, falsification of audits, worker endangerment and other abuses.

Apple supplier violations

Apple supplier violations include worker endangerment, according to a report issued in the wake of the Foxconn worker suicides. Photo credit: Bert van Dijk/Flickr

The supplier responsibility report comes as Apple has taken some heat for its supply chain. The suicides at Foxconn, the Chinese company that makes the iPad and other Apple devices, shed light on the issue.

"In 2010, our audits of 127 facilities revealed 37 core violations: 18 facilities where workers had paid excessive recruitment fees, which we consider to be involuntary labour; 10 facilities where underage workers had been hired; two instances of worker endangerment; four facilities where records were falsified; one case of bribery; and one case of coaching workers on how to answer auditors' questions," the report said.

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