Apple-Samsung relationship gets more awkward, but supply chain rules

Apple reportedly had to call Samsung for iPad 2 panels because LG couldn't deliver volume and quality at the same time.

Apple and Samsung have lawsuits galore, but when the iPad 2 needs displays because of LG quality issues the two sides start talking.

DigiTimes is reporting that LG Display lost some iPad 2 panel orders to Samsung and Chimei Innolux following quality issues. DigiTimes noted that the quality issues were so bad at LG that Apple moved to call Samsung. CNET noted that iPad 2 demand far out-paced LG's ability to manufacture screens.

Talk about an awkward conversation.

If this were a personal relationship Samsung would likely tell Apple to take a hike and maybe even drop an F-bomb or two. But when there are billions of dollars at stake and a supply chain to keep running companies will talk. Even so, the ability for Samsung and Apple to compartmentalize is nothing short of amazing.

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