Apple set to announce iPad 3 in early March

According to sources familiar with the matter, Apple is set to announce the next-generation iPad at an event in March.

Sources close to the company said that while Apple is not planning to hold an event in February, it will in March. Expected at the event is the long awaited arrival of the iPad 3. That is, according to AllThingsD.

It appears to be in line with recent reports that manufacturers were building and increasing production of the device in its factories in China.

DigiTimes suggested late last year that the iPad 2 would decline in production from 14--15 million devices in the fourth quarter by a third to 4--5 million by the first quarter. It is thought that over 9 million units of the iPad 3 will be made by the first quarter, filling the deficit left by the tablet's predecessor, in anticipation of an second quarter release.

Many have guestimated that the iPad 3 --- that is, if it will in fact be called that --- will be slightly thicker to accommodate a larger battery, which in turn would power possibly 4G LTE technologies for faster mobile broadband, and a Retina display --- or "something close to it".

But for now, we know as much about the iPad 3 as we do about Martian dust. We know it is in existence, but it continues to amaze even the most intellectually-minded people this world has to offer.

An Apple spokesperson declined to comment. No surprise there.

Image source: Avijeet Sachdev/Flickr.