Apple sets Geniuses up online for iPad and iPhone support

New and would-be iPad and iPhone buyers in the UK, Germany, Spain and Brazil can now get online tech support, before and after they've handed over their money.

Shoppers tremulous at the thought of setting up their own new Apple kit no longer have to take a trip to the Genius Bar of their nearest Apple store — the Geniuses are now available online.

From Wednesday, iPhone or iPad owners in the UK, Germany, Spain and Brazil can talk to the 'Apple specialists' by visiting the Apple Store website's iPad or iPhone pages and clicking 'ask now' to set up either an online or phone chat.

As well as settling any questions from would-be Apple device owners before they're parted from their money, the Apple staff can give new iPad or iPhone users some advice on getting started with their device once they've got it home.


The Apple workers can give live personalised 'guided tours' — either pre-purchase, to show shoppers how an Apple device works, or afterwards, to demonstrate how to set up or use new features while the user follows along at home.

For those with a Mac or an iPod, however, there's no online support option — just the more hands-on approach of the in-store Genius Bar.

The four countries to get online support also have 50 real-world Genius Bars between them, although Brazil has none.

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