Apple ships 300,000 iPads on first day of release

And shifts a million apps to boot
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

And shifts a million apps to boot

After all the weeks of waiting, Apple's iPad tablet finally hit the shelves in the US last week - and sold hundreds of thousands of units on its first day of release.

According to Apple, the company shipped 300,000 iPads by midnight on Saturday, the first day the device went on sale.

Apple said iPads went to customers who had pre-ordered the device; shoppers who purchased one of the tablets from an Apple store; as well as "deliveries to channel partners" - meaning some of those 300,000 devices will still be waiting on retailers' shelves, rather than being used by consumers.

Apple iPad tablet

An Apple Store in San Francisco on iPad launch day
(Photo credit: James Martin/CNET)

Analyst house Forrester predicts Apple will go on to sell three million iPads over the course of this year.

The company will doubtless shift millions more e-books and apps for the device too. iPad users downloaded more than one million apps from Apple's App Store and more than 250,000 e-books from its iBookstore during the first day of sales in the US, Apple revealed.

UK consumers, meanwhile, are still waiting to get their hands on the iPad, with Apple sticking to a UK release date of "late April", according to the company's site.

While the UK site describes the iPad as a "magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price", Apple has yet to reveal just what price the iPad will sell for in Blighty.

A recent poll of readers of silicon.com and sister publication CNET UK, which asked UK consumers how much they'd be prepared to pay for the iPad, found the most popular price bracket was £300 to £399.

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