Apple should worry about Mac sales, not the iPhone or iPad

Mac sales have flat-lined for the second quarter in a row. With Windows 8 on the horizon, somebody over at Cupertino should be losing sleep because of this.

On Tuesday, Apple published its third quarter results. While it wasn't a record-breaking quarter, the company still managed to sell a lot of hardware and pull in billions of dollars in profits .

There is, however, concern that Apple failed to live up to analyst expectation as far as iPhone and iPad sales were concerned. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster said in a research note that he was confident Apple could have moved 28 to 29 million iPhone units during the quarter, while Wedbush analyst Scott Sutherland estimated that Apple would ship 12.68 million iPads during the quarter.

While some of the analysts -- and no doubt their clients -- are disappointed, historical data shows that Apple's sales of iPhones and iPads remain strong, especially with so much chatter about the iPhone 5 .

iPhone sales over the first half of 2012 were driven by pent-up demand for a new iPhone after the iPhone 4 had a longer than expected outing. A fall in sales was inevitable, but sales are still incredibly strong.

iPod sales continue to slide, but that's inevitable as the market became saturated years ago and the iPhone and iPad took over from it. I consider the iPod to be a niche product now, and I suspect that sales will continue to slide, with sales seeing a bit of a boost over the holiday quarter.

It's Mac sales that worry me. Sales appear to have flat-lined at four million for the last two quarters. Mac sales have paled in comparison to iPhone and iPad sales, but this sudden stagnation should be causing some folks over at Cupertino to lose sleep, especially with Windows 8 and a whole host of exciting hardware just around the corner.

Perhaps people are holding out buying a new Mac because "Mountain Lion" is out today, but if that doesn't shake up sales, Apple needs to be looking at ways to rekindle consumer interest in the Mac.

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