Apple store in Beijing broken into before iPhone 5 launch

A man broke into an Apple reseller's store before dawn in a failed attempt to steal anything, ahead of the iPhone 5's official launch in China.

Ahead of China's iPhone 5 launch, an Apple reseller's store in Beijing was broken into during the early hours of the morning by a thief.

"We checked the surveillance camera footage and there was one man smashed the window and crawled into the store," said the store manager Zhang, in a Beijing newspaper report.

The thief went straight to the inventory with a torch, and did not look like a novice, Zhang added on the store operator's iSpace’s official Weibo.

Before the iPhone5’s local launch, a man smashed the windows and broke into an Apple store in Beijing around 4am on December 14. (Screenshot by Liu Jiayi at

The thief triggered the store's infrared security system and set off the alarm when he tried to reach the inventory area, according to the article.

Police arrived at around 5am and confirmed there were no losses.

"We have a very dependable security system," Zhang said.

The marketing department of iSpace said it had submitted the camera footage to the police and had ordered a new glass window for replacement.

The launch of iPhone 5 in China comes nearly three months after its initial roll out in Asia in countries such as Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.