Apple Store opens, tech press have epiphany

The 361st Apple Store has just opened. And by the looks of the coverage by the tech press, you'd think it was the first.

Have you ever seen an Apple Store before? Me neither!

You'd think that the opening of Apple's 361st store wouldn't be news. But when it's in New York City's Grand Central Station, it's simply too big too ignore.

This morning, my Twitter feed blew up with tweets positively drooling about the new store. OMG! they digitally shouted. JUST LOOK AT IT!

Believe it or not, it looks just like an Apple Store. In Grand Central. Incredible.

To be fair, the new location is large. At 23,000 square feet, it's the company's largest -- but it's also the fifth in Manhattan alone.

And yet, we have this:

And this:

And even this:

I sincerely don't intend to throw these people under the bus; many of them I have the pleasure of calling colleagues and friends. But let's be honest: is this really a news story?

Almost 300 news outlets, stretching from Boston to Mumbai, think so:

Something tells me the restaurant Apple's store replaced, Metrazur, didn't get quite as much breathless coverage when it opened in 2000.

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