Apple struck with lawsuit over missing pay packets and breaks

Has the iPad and iPhone maker deliberately flouted Californian labor laws?

Credit: Apple

A class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of 20,000 employees claims that Apple failed to provide rest breaks and final paychecks for staff in accordance with Californian law.

The iPad and iPhone maker is now facing a class-action lawsuit brought forward and certified in California Superior Court after being originally filed in 2011, according to the Wall Street Journal. The complaint alleges that Apple did not give employees adequate lunch breaks, rest periods or pay final paychecks.

The lawsuit is claiming on behalf of a range of Apple employees, including junior engineers, call center representatives and Apple Store staff.

"Very often workers were not given meal breaks for seven or eight hours, and sometimes not at all," plaintiffs' counsel Tyler Belong told the publication.

The complaint states that Apple deliberately did not adhere to the US state's labor laws, and the tech giant's policies made it clear that even discussing labor policies ran the risk of employees "being fired, sued, or disciplined."

The Calif.-based firm is also involved in a number of other lawsuits. In a separate class-action suit , the company is being sued for allegedly refusing to pay staff for the time spent in mandatory security screening when leaving Apple premises. When such screening could take 10 to 15 minutes a time, this equates to roughly $1500 a year in lost wages, according to the ex-Apple retail employees who filed the suit in a San Francisco federal court.

In April this year, another class-action lawsuit set against Apple, Adobe, Google and Intel was settled out of court. The complaint, covering nearly 65,000 employees, accused the firms of keeping wages artificially low by means of a secret pact designed to stop the firms from hiring and poaching competitively.

California Superior Court judge Ronald Prager is overseeing the latest case, and the amount of damages sought is unknown at this time.

In separate news, Apple reported on Tuesday fiscal third-quarter earnings of $7.7 billion on earnings of $1.28 per share, with overall revenue of $37.4 billion.