Apple takes social sentiment hit after El Capitan OS X launch

Adobe data highlights how buggy operating system launches can result in a social sentiment hit.

Apple appears to have an El Capitan OS X upgrade problem as a buggy rollout led to falling social sentiment, according to Adobe social sentiment data.

The latest rollout of Apple's OS X was a clunker. Consider the following timeline from October to December:

Overall, it appears that Apple has its El Capitan stable enough, but not before it took a hit on sentiment. Here's a look at Adobe's social data on the release compared to Windows 10.


Joe Martin, an analyst for Adobe's Digital Index, noted that operating system launches often garner complaints and then improve as updates nuke various bugs. It's worth noting that Microsoft's Windows 8 needed the Windows 10 do-over because the operating system dug itself a sentiment hole.

It remains to be seen whether Apple will reduce its sadness score with El Capitan, but Adobe's data highlights the hit you take with a buggy operating system launch.

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