Apple to fix iOS Wi-Fi problems

Apple didn't mention it in all the fanfare for the new iPad and the iPad mini, but it will soon be releasing a minor iOS update with a big impact: It should fix your iOS 6 Wi-Fi problems.

Fixes for Apple's iOS 6's numerous Wi-Fi networking problems will soon be here.

Apple's dirty little secret, which was kept out of October 23rd's iPad 4 and iPad mini's limelight , is that iOS 6, the new and popular operating system for iPhones and iPads, still has serious Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networking problems . Now, though, it appears that a new version of iOS 6, iOS 6.01, will be fixing these problems in the next few weeks.

According to BGR, Apple sources confirm that they're testing iOS 6.01. I've also been told by sources at one of the major telephone carriers that testing has indeed begun. This update will fix numerous problems. These include the horizontal lines bug, a problem with the camera’s flash not going off, and other minor problems. The real news as far as I'm concenred is that it will will fix iOS 6's spotty Wi-Fi and fix the truly costly problem of  iOS 6 using expensive 3G or 4G instead of free Wi-Fi when both are available.

Apple quickly fixed one self-inflicted Wi-Fi problem . This initial annoyance had iDevices phoning home to Apple only to end up locking devices off the Internet. That was the easy one.

A host of other problems remain. These include iOS 6 users not being able to trouble connect with APs (Access Points) using WPA2 AES (Wi-Fi Protected Access II/ Advanced Encryption Standard) and some devices simply not being able to use Wi-Fi at all. We can hope that this forthcoming minor update will fix all these problems.

One problem that won't be solved though is Apple Maps . For that, you'll need to wait for, at least iOS 6.1 and it's all too likely that Apple Maps will still get you lost for long after that. Forturnately, there are many, better map alternatives for iDevices.

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