Apple to Lodsys: Only we know how our technology works

Apple insists that it is allowed to intervene in the ongoing Lodsys vs. developers legal battle.

In the latest installment in the Lodsys vs. developers saga, Apple insists that it allowed to intervene on the part of the sued developers because it is the only party that knows how everything works.


In this latest legal salvo, Apple attacks Lodsys's previous opposition brief, making a number of points which are excellently summarized by Florian Mueller over on the FOSS Patents blog.

However, one of the arguments made by Apple is very interesting. In response to Lodsys's claim that there was no need for Apple to enter the legal fray because some of the latest defendants - such as EA Games and Rovio - had the financial capacity to defend themselves, Apple gracefully bypasses this argument and points out how 'none of the defendants have the technical information, expertise, and knowledge regarding how Apple's technology works or the negotiation and intent of the License itself to fully articulate and develop Apple's exhaustion defense.'

The news that Apple still wants to intervene, even after Lodsys's rebuff attempt, will be welcome news to small developers looking for assistance in dealing with this patent troll.