Apple to modify Service Certifications program in June

Later in the month, Apple will change the terms and requirements of its Service Training and Certification program.

In a recent Support Note, the company said its Apple Service Training and Certification program will be updated starting June 23. A major change is that techs currently certified as Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians (ACMT) will receive a superseded version of the certification. The new program will not require yearly recertification examinations. It will continue to permit the ordering of parts as before and won't expire.

All AppleCare Service exam testing will now be done online, the note said. There will be no more testing centers nor proctored exams. Previously, the initial ACMT certification were done at training centers or at certain seminars and proctors were required for exams taken at training centers. However, the cost of the exams will be the same, however, there won't be travel costs.

Three exams will offered online: the Apple Macintosh Service Certification Exam; the OS X v10.8 Mountain Lion Troubleshooting Exam; and the iOS Qualification Exam.

If you are in the process of becoming ACMT certified, you should continue your studies and complete the ACMT exams. If you need to be ACMT certified before June 23, use the existing exams. If you need to be ACMT certified on or after June 23, use the new online exams available after that date.

I need to recertify ACMT before June 23rd. What should I do? Recertify with the existing exams. After you do so, your ACMT certified status will be permanent.