Apple Watch now available in stores with online inventory checks

Apple Watch supply and demand appear to be evenly matched as you can now purchase one in an Apple Store. Check Apple's website for detailed availability before you do though.

As previously promised, Apple is now selling the Apple Watch in the company's retail stores.

While you can walk into any Apple Store to purchase the watch, Apple has added online inventory checks to its website. I looked for what I suspect is the most popular model -- the 42mm Apple Watch Sport in Space Gray -- and surprisingly found that my local Apple Store does have it in stock.


Checking other models in other locations suggests to me that supply has generally caught up with demand.

Speaking to investors in April, Apple CEO Tim Cook suggested that the company would have a better handle on inventory by late June.

While it's now easier to buy an Apple Watch without waiting weeks for shipment, there's still the open question of should you?

Everyone has different requirements when it comes to personal devices, so there's no universal answer.

Even after wearing the one I bought last month, however, I wouldn't suggest it's a must have purchase though. It is, after all, an accessory to a phone; there's very little the Apple Watch does that a smartphone can't already do, save perhaps for heart-rate monitoring.

Having said that, I am looking forward to the watchOS 2 software Apple announced last month. It should alleviate one of the few things that could be improved on the Apple Watch; namely, the ability to run native apps.

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