Apple works out deal with Warner Music; iRadio at WWDC likely

The rumors of Apple launching a subscription music service appear to be getting closer to reality with deals now reportedly in place with Universal and Warner Music companies.

Jason recently wrote about using Google Play Music All Access on iOS devices while also pointing out the difficulty Apple was apparently having getting major music labels on board for the rumored "iRadio" service. According to CNET, Apple has now reached a deal with Warner Music, so it is likely we will see a service announcement in a week at WWDC.

Regular readers know I am a huge fan of subscription music services because I have a small personal collection and enjoy listening to music from many different genres. I bought into the Google All Access service, but will also take a look at the likely Apple announcement and evaluate which service works better for me.

Apple reportedly now has deals with Warner Music and Universal Music while discussions with Sony continue. Microsoft was one of the first to launch a subscription music service with the Zune Music Pass, but it wasn't really until Spotify, Slacker Radio, and Rdio appeared on multiple platforms before people started seriously considering streaming subscription music services. It will be interesting to see if Apple can come in and refine the offering, much like they do with other mobile services and features.


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