​Apple WWDC 2015: Mac OS X 'El Capitan' public beta lands in July

The latest Mac OS X, dubbed El Capitan, is available to developers today with a beta in July and release in the Fall.

Apple will release its latest Mac OS X update with a public beta in July and full version in the Fall. The latest Mac OS X, called El Capitan, revolves around performance improvements and bringing forward some of the features available in iOS.

Developers will get El Capitan today.

The most notable item on the Mac OS X is Metal, the software that was initially designed for the iPhone and iPad for better visual effects.

Metal is aimed to make the Mac OS more interactive. Adobe said it will commit to Metal on Mac OS.

The Mac OS X update is basically a way to improve performance for high performance apps. El Capitan should also improve battery life. Rendering could get up to a 50 percent performance boost.

Performance was a revolving theme for El Capitan.

Craig Federighi, senior vice president of software engineering, said Apple was seeing a "1.4X acceleration in app launching, 2X improvement in snappiness of switching apps" and the OS X is "twice as fast to get new mail messages."

Apple also focused on features and windows management to handle smaller screens such as the MacBook 12 inch. Mac OS X allows for swiping to delete in mail (an Android staple), better mute tabs and site pinning in Safari.

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