Apple's dream: Automaker's nightmare?

Are Apple's plans for interactive dashboards feasible for car manufacturers to implement?

Apple's iOS is present on smartphones and tablets -- but may soon be appearing on your car's dashboard, to the collective groan of car manufacturers.

Apple's "iOS for the Car" was unveiled at WWDC. and includes a complete redesign of the user interface, added functionality and a plethora of built-in application updates. This is far from simply using an iPod in your car; Apple's plans for automakers may be the next step into industries beyond mobile gadgets.

Controlled through buttons or voice activation by Siri, Apple's car operating system would include phone functionality, maps, radio and voice-activated messaging. However, questions have been raised over the complexity of the system -- including how it will be implemented, how much control Apple will have over third-party vehicles, and how driving distractions can be kept to a minimum.

Due to long vehicle development cycles, trying to mix consumer electronics and OS expectations may prove to be a nightmare for manufactures who are on board in the long run -- unless automakers can hand over control of the most difficult part of interactive dashboard development to the tech giant.

Over a dozen automakers including Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai and Jaguar are keen to integrate iOS in their vehicles next year. However, due to the resources required, a number of manufacturers are shying away from offering their own interactive systems -- let alone tackling the challenge that Apple's operating system represents.

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