Apple's HomePod available Feb. 9, pre-orders start this Friday

The $350 smart speaker is the company's answer the Amazon Echo and Google Home.
Written by Jason Cipriani, Contributing Writer

Starting this Friday, January 26, pre-orders for Apple's HomePod will begin. The smart speaker will then begin shipping and be available in stores starting February 9.

At launch, the HomePod will be available in the US, UK, and Australia. France and Germany will see the smart speaker in the spring.

With Siri built into the speaker, users can create reminders, set timers, play music through Apple Music, stream podcasts and send messages.

The HomePod was originally announced in June of 2017 at a developer conference, with the initial launch set for around the holidays. As the end of the year grew near, Apple ultimately delayed the launch.

Apple's HomePod is available in space gray and white.

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Apple needs to be in the smart speaker market because these devices are becoming a key gateway to subscription services like music, can connect with smart home gadgets, and facilitate other activities like shopping and playing games. A lot of that used to be done through the smartphone, with one in three smart speaker purchasers reporting they were spending less time on their smartphone.

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