Apple's iData center details starting to emerge?

Apple isn't talking about its data center in North Carolina, but a few dots appear to have just been connected.

Apple's data center in North Carolina has almost reached mythical status. This data center is supposed to support Apple's cloud ambitions and whatever else Steve Jobs cooks up. Apple isn't talking, but a few dots about the data center appear to have just been connected.

Data Center Knowledge's Rich Miller connected a few items from a press release and concludes that Apple is using custom enclosures and airflow designs. Given Apple's data center is new it only makes sense that it would be cutting edge, but Miller's sleuthing is more credible than most.

Among the moving Apple data center parts:

  • Instor and Electrorack have created "tailor-made enclosures" for a "premier North American data center, located in North Carolina.
  • Instor and Electrorack are working for Holder Construction, which happens to be Apple's contractor.
  • Electrorack noted that it had to adhere "to highly-aggressive implementation schedules." Sounds Apple-ish eh?
  • No one is talking (another Apple characteristic).

All of this sure sounds like Apple's data center is a custom job. You didn't expect some boilerplate data center did you? Miller has created an Apple Data Center FAQ that's worth a read.


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