Apple's iOS cited as the most popular mobile OS for enterprise

Apple's iOS has been labeled as the most commonly used mobile platform in corporate environments, according to a new report.

Apple's iOS is the most popular mobile operating system for corporate environments, according to a new report from network security solutions provider Check Point Software in partnership with Dimensional Research.

Approximately 89 percent of survey respondents own mobile devices (i.e. smartphones and/or tablets connecting to corporate networks), and iOS was found to be the most common mobile platform used to connect in business environments.

It's a tad surprising considering that the platform was originally advertised and touted for consumers. But then again, the iPad -- also arguably a consumer product -- has found a solid customer base in the enterprise world.

On the flip side, the survey also revealed that Android is perceived to have the greatest risk for companies.

For reference, the report is based upon the responses from 768 IT professionals surveyed in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan.

Unfortunately for Android, this isn't terribly surprising. Several other studies from McAfee over the course of the last year have warned about the dangers that Android poses because it is open-source (even though that is up for debate too).

Of course, threats to corporate networks aren't all Android's fault. At least 72 percent of participants said that careless employees are a greater security threat than hackers when it comes to mobile devices. Just think about how often people leave their phones on their desks unattended, or even if the device just gets lost somewhere else.

That becomes especially worrisome when 47 percent of IT professionals admitted that their customer data is typically stored on mobile devices.

Other highlights from the survey:

  • 65 percent of companies now allow personal devices access to corporate networks
  • 71 percent say mobile devices have contributed to increased security incidents
  • 78 percent say there are more than twice as many personal devices connecting to corporate networks now than compared to two years ago
  • Among the countries surveyed, Japan is the least likely (46 percent) to allow personal mobile devices and Germany the most likely (87 percent). The United States followed Germany as more open to bringing your own devices to work with 72 percent of participants in favor.


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