​Apple's MacBook 2015: All-metal, focus on the keyboard

For keyboard fetishists, the new MacBook may win some converts. Apple focused on a lot of little things.


Apple on Monday rolled out a new MacBook and the company put a lot of focus on the little things such as the keyboard, typing and an all metal disclosure without a fan. Apple will ship April 10 with a starting price of $1,299.

For keyboard fetishists, the new MacBook may win some converts. Not surprisingly, the MacBook is thinner and more energy efficient. There's also a Retina Display.

But marketing chief Phil Schiller was really pitching to the Mac faithful as well as folks who may want better typing. There's also an enterprise hook as Apple appears to be going after the Lenovo ThinkPad crowd with its keyboard focus.

Among the key items:

  • A single assembly makes the keyboard more stable.
  • Each key has an LED lighting system.
  • The Retina Display is 2304 X 1440 pixels.
  • One connector will serve multiple purposes. The standard is USB-C. USB-C supports power, Ethernet, HDMI and other ports.
  • A 12-inch display.
  • The panel is 0.88mm thick.
  • It comes in silver, gray and gold.
  • The trackpad has a Taptic engine that provides feedback of clicking.
  • The logic board is 67 percent smaller.
  • It's powered by an Intel Core M, 5th Gen, 14nm processor.
  • Battery life up to 9 hours with wireless web browsing. That tally puts it on par with the MacBook Air.

In other MacBook moves, the MacBook Air gets Intel Broadwell processors and faster SSDs. The MacBook Pro models will get the new track pad.