Apple's 'Magic Mouse 2' and updated wireless keyboard will feature built-in Li-Ion batteries

FCC filings leak details of Apple's new 'Magic Mouse 2' and updated wireless keyboard, both featuring built-in Li-Ion batteries and Bluetooth 4.2 LE.


FCCfilings have leak details of Apple's new 'Magic Mouse 2' and updated wireless keyboard, and it seems the peripherals are in for quite an upgrade. And given that it's been more than six years since either device has been upgraded, it's long overdue.

The first change is that the aging and inefficient Bluetooth 2.0 is being replaced with the more efficient Bluetooth 4.0, a move that will see lower energy consumption, better security, and better connectivity.

Another big change is that the AA batteries that the devices previously relied upon for power are out, replaced by built-in 3.8V Li-Ion power packs. What is not made clear is how these devices will be charged up. Will Apple require them to be plugged into a free USB/Thunderbolt port (which, to be honest, feels kludgy and more awkward than using rechargeable AAs), or will Apple give them wireless charging similar to the Apple Watch?

The images included with the FCC filings (which, over the weekend, seem to have been edited) do not offer much detail when it comes to what features will be incorporated into these devices. This means that in order to answer questions such as "Will the Magic Mouse 2 feature Force Touch?" or "Will the new keyboard feature the design changes found on the new MacBooks?" we will have to wait for the official launch.

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