Apple's 'Mountain Lion': Another step toward iOS, Mac feature unification

It's not immediately clear what Apple's Mac OS speedy cadence and feature unification with iOS will mean for business users

Apple detailed its 'Mountain Lion' next-gen release for the Mac OS and its another step toward incorporating iOS features found on the iPad and iPhone. The march toward unification seems inevitable.

CNET's Josh Lowenshon has the details as do a few others. Word that Apple prebriefed a bunch of people started circulating in developer circles on Wednesday. Apple insiders were in lockdown.

Screenshot credit: CNET

Among the key details via Lowenshon and Apple's statement:

  • Mountain Lion is the next step in an evolution to pairing the iPad and MacBook.
  • There are 10 features that are being highlighted wth iMessage, Reminders and Notes being key. iChat is booted for Messages.
  • Built in Twitter integration and hooks to Apple TV are included.
  • There are 100 new features total.
  • What's missing is Siri from Mountain Lion and that seems like an odd omission given talk about voice recognition on Apple televisions in the future. Why not include Siri on the Mac?

Overall, it sounds like there's a lot to like in Mountain Lion. Apple appears to be on a once-a-year cadence for its Mac OS releases and that means iOS unification is coming to Apple laptops in a scheduled way. Give it 24 months and Apple will have its two OSes hooked up conceptually. As John Gruber noted, features between the iPad and Mac may hook up, but the code is likely to remain different.

It's not immediately clear what Apple's Mac OS cadence will mean for business users. Enterprises already have difficulty adjusting to Micrsosoft's roughly three-year OS cadence. However, unifying the Mac and iOS will make it easier to secure Apple products in businesses.





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